Meet The team

At Blood Moon tattoo we have a number of well qualified and friendly artists that are very excited to meet you. All of our artists here are at the top of their field and easy to work with so you can get exactly what you want! All have been trained in blood-borne pathogens and will give you a clean, safe, and friendly experience. We are so excited to meet you!


Hayli Marquiss

Getting the pictures out of her head and onto any kind of canvas with any kind of medium has been Hayli’s most constant passion (along with Star Wars, cheesy fiction novels, and The Lost Boys). Art Nuveau and Pre Raphaelite styles have been major influences to her and have been ingrained in her art, even if in small ways. She enjoys doing multiple styles, from bright colors and bold lines to soft and gentle grey, keeping realistic proportions while taking chances with color. She is always excited to embark on the next big adventure so contact her to set up a consult.


Dan has been tattooing since 2011 after studying painting at SAIC. He specializes in neo-traditional/illustrative tattoos. In addition to tattooing, he is also an avid photographer and collector of any and all things. 



Aaron Vasco

Aaron is an artist from the small town of Collegeville, Pennsylvania. He started expressing his interest in art at the young age of 6, and progressed focusing primarily on comic book and anime art styles. By the year 2010, Aaron pursued digital art and graphic design in college, both of which heavily influence his balance and layout of all of his tattoos today. Aaron specializes in bold, legible, and lasting tattoos with high contrast in color blends, and is always willing to work with anyone on any project that comes his way.